Denney Ray Dodson

Sayre Oklahoma, United States
Sun Aug/27/2017

I am super happy with my tracker cnc, I had zero prior experience with cnc and within less than a week of it arriving I was having fun and making money , The programs on tracker are as simple as it gets for cnc and they have the most friendly team of guys you could ask for ,Greg was there for all my questions and very patient before and after check cashed , The tech support is what sold me from reading forums in first place , Joe and Terrie are always there patient and friendly and make you feel welcome to call anytime , I was working today 1:00 Sunday got stumped they answered phone took time to help me through hard design , nothing changes when check cashes they still take call anytime and treat you Like they have know you forever

Blake Huges

417 Motorsports -Springfield MI,
Aug, 29, 2018

We bought our Tracker 9 months ago and have been nothing but impressed by the machine and the customer service that came with the machine. It was the first CNC anything we purchased and it came down to the customer service for us.


Jeff Erwine

Steel Fx -Sheriden Colorado, 
Mon Jan/16/2017

“With Tracker we’re able to increase our production, the best employee I have is my Tracker system, it’s always there and always works hard!”

Jimmy Cocke

Alabama Casters,
Pelham Alabama, United States
Thu Dec/01/2016

“I can not tell you how much we have become dependent on your machine. It has become a literal cornerstone of our business. With all the use and abuse we give it, I am surprised (and impressed) that we have had such little trouble. Our down time has been due to problems with our air compressor not our plasma machine.” Jimmy Cocke