The Pro table Features Overview


5x10 Pro Table

5x10 Pro Table

4x8 Pro Table

4x8 Pro Table

4x4 Pro Table

4x4 Pro Table


Sigmanest X1 Optimization Software

Sigmanest software provides full auto nesting, auto lead in/lead out, auto cut sequencing, auto kerf compensation capability & more. Minimize waste & maximize your time so you can earn more money faster & easier.Learn More


Integrated Onboard Computer System

A factory configured computer is inside every CNC Command Center ensuring fast easy start-up after delivery. This also ensures your screen looks the same ours simplifying the training & technical support process.


Corel X8 Graphics Suite

You can use any design software you like but we include Corel X8 as a standard feature. With X8 you can create mechanical, text based, artistic drawings, scan & auto-trace existing parts & much more with ease.


Cascade DXF Library

Cascade Metal Designs is a prominent designer of dxf files for the creative metal industry and we load every tables computer with large variety of Cascade artistic designs all ready to cut the same day you take delivery.


Command&Cut Machine Control Software

Command&Cut provides Windows 10 based machine control eliminating the need for CAM software & g-code making the learning curve easy. No other plasma machine control software will have you cutting parts faster.Learn More


Digital Automatic Torch Height Control

All tables incorporate our digital automatic torch height control system allowing for independent piercing & cutting height's to be set & maintained with ease. Simply set it and enjoy the benefits of accurate plasma torch height control.


Pro-Link Ethernet Communication

RS232 and LPT connections are a thing of the past and USB is not reliable for cnc plasma. Trackers exclusive Pro-Link Ethernet based connection method offers reliable, shielded, and lightning fast cnc machine communication.


Unlimited Training & 24/7 Technical Support

Unlimited training is available during normal business hours 9-5 EST. Unlimited technical support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure your operating at all times & making the most of your investment.


"Dropped" Linear Rail Design

Dropped linear rail system locates the gantry rail's below the cutting deck surface to ensure safe & easy loading from any side of the cutting table. Rails are safely inside the massive main beams of the table frame for further protection.



On-Board WiFi

The CNC Command Center incorporate built in WiFi allowing us to connect remotely to your table from our office. This gives us the ability to assist in live training, support, software updates, etc.


3-Year Warranty

With our 20+ year track record and industry leading 3-year warranty you can rest assured that your table will provide you with trouble free operation with friendly, helpful, professional service.


Gantry Parking Zone

All tables incorporate a parking area at the back of the machine allowing you to park your gantry clear of the cutting deck. This allows for safe & easy loading from all sides or overhead by hand, crane, or forklift.



Standard Parts Library

A standard parts library is included making it fast and easy to create flanges, gussets, rectangles, rings, brackets, gaskets, and much more. Simply select the type of part and enter your dimensions.


Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 is included on every onboard computer system to provide a rock solid and familiar platform for everyone. Windows 10 also makes connecting your table to an existing network easy.


Downdraft Exhaust System

Forget about disposal of waste water, rust inhibitors, & swampy high maintenance water tables. The software controlled, maintenance free, downdraft style exhaust system can clear the air with a click of the mouse.