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The Economy is humming along and it makes good business sense to use these “Good times” to fortify your position, to update and improve your capabilities, and not only keep up with the Jones’ , but surpass them.

There are huge tax advantages to financing equipment.  Here in the US, we encourage you to research Section 179, to take full advantage of various tax benefits for your organization.

In looking closely at the economy, we all know that more rate hikes are imminent. The sooner you finance your new equipment and lock in these historically low interest rates, the quicker you will pay off your equipment and expand your profitability.

There has never been a better time to finance your equipment needs and upgrade your capabilities.  Check out our partners below.


We have partnered with Crest Financial in the USA to provide easy financing options.  Click below to get the process started.

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We have partnered with Questor Financial for all your financing needs.  Click the button to get instant lease quotes or to apply online.
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