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Automatic True Shape Nesting

Automatic True Shape Nesting SigmaNEST is industrial grade nesting and optimization software that provides the ability to nest any quantity of any number of designs onto any material size and across multiple sheets of material effortlessly. Simply set your material size, select all of the designs you wanted nested on the material, set the quantity of each design your nesting and watch SigmaNEST got through a number of different nesting layouts. SigmaNEST will stop at the most efficient layout that provides you with the least amount of wasted material, and it does all of this in a matter of seconds to save you both time and money.

Automatic Lead In & Lead Out

Automatic Lead In & Lead Out Lines Lead in and lead out lines allow you to pierce inside the waste material and "lead in" to the part and "lead out" of the part to assist in the best possible edge finish at the starting point of every cut. SigmaNEST adds these lines automatically to all the profiles contained within your nest to save you time. A number of lead in/out options are available allowing you select the best lead for the shape you are cutting. SigmaNEST also gives you the ability to set default lead lines to be used with every nest if you find a lead line that you prefer making it even faster and easier.

Auto Cut Sequencing & Direction

Automatic Cut Sequencing Is important to ensure that the inner profiles of each part are cut before the outer profile, and that all the profiles in the nest are cut in a logical order to reduce the time to complete the job. SigmaNEST automatically determines this for you and provides you with options for sequencing that can help to spread the heat out over the plate evenly while still reducing overall processing time. SigmaNEST will also determines whether each profile is an inner or outer profile and sets the appropriate cut direction for each. Proper cutting direction will result in the squarest possible cut edge and improve overall cut quality. The dashed white line in the image on the right represents the cut path sequence SigmaNEST has selected and this is all done automatically making it fast and easy to achieve excellent results.

Automatic Kerf Compensation

Automatic Kerf Compensation The width of the cut from the plasma arc is called the kerf width, and in order for your parts to be cut to the proper size you need to compensate for the width of the kerf. Essentially you will make your outer profiles a little larger, and your inner profiles a little smaller in order to do this. The width of the kerf will be different depending on the plasma nozzle you are using and SigmaNEST makes it easy to compensate for this, even on nests containing thousands of parts to be cut. The kerf width is simply entered into SigmaNEST before you finalize your nest and all the adjustments will be made automatically in seconds. In the image to the right you will see the green line indicating the original cut path, and the red line indicating the new kerf compensated cut path. When the part is cut on the red line the part will be cut to the proper size.