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Command & Cut Plasma Control Software

Simple User Interface

Plasma cutter user interface Command&Cut machine control software is a standard feature on all Tracker plasma cutting tables and provides the operator with a simple, organized, and logical user interface that is easy to operate. Command&Cut generates the machine code internally, eliminating the need for CAM software, g-code, and the problems associated with it. It's as easy as opening your drawing, and cutting the parts which makes operation very fast and efficient. Command&Cut can open drawings directly from any major drawing application such as Auto CAD, SolidWorks, CorelDRAW, and more. Simple on screen controls can be accessed with keyboard shortcuts or mouse commands to further simplify and speed up operation. Command&Cut is a Windows 7 based application and with basic Windows experience the learning curve will be fast and easy for anyone.

Intelligent Speed Control

Intelligent Speed Control Intelligent Speed Control uses a complex algorithm to detect small holes, large holes, open profiles, closed profiles, and sharp direction changes to calculate and reduce the cut speed properly for these varying profiles and conditions if needed. This is essential to ensure a square cut edge, minimal dross, taper free holes, and more. The image on the left shows where the software has decided to apply speed reduction for the various conditions in this design. It will base all speed changes in relation to the selected cut speed, detect smaller profiles and reduce cut speed when needed, turn the auto height control OFF when speed is reduced, detect sharp direction changes to decelerate appropriately and then accelerate quickly back up to speed after deceleration is complete. All this done with no operator input making it simple for anyone.

Quick Draw Feature for Simple Shapes

Instantly Draw and Cut Simple Shapes Command&Cut is a machine control application that leaves the task of drawing your designs to the design application of your choice. Many of our customers are already familiar with design applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWORKS, CorelDRAW, etc. and we encourage you to use what you are familiar with or have us train you on the included CorelDRAW application. There are times however when you want to cut a simple circle, square, ellipse, rectangle, or straight line quickly, and with Command&Cut you can do this very easily. You can go from a blank screen to cutting a simple shape of your desired size in 3 simple clicks. This is a very helpful and time saving feature that job shops, welding shops, signs shops, and others really appreciate once they get started using a their cutting table.

Waste Removal Feature

Cut X and Cut Y Waste Removal Feature It may not be every day that you are loading a full sheet of material and cutting every square inch of it before having to remove that sheet from the table to begin another job. This leaves open areas that parts of been cut from and trying to slide the sheet back into your material rack can cause it to get hung up and there is no point in storing waste. Command&Cut incorporates a Cut X and Cut Y feature that allows you to cut off the waste portion of your sheet either across the X axis, across the Y axis, or both, instantly with 1 click. Your automatic height control will function during this cut operation to ensure a quality cut and protect your plasma consumables and you will be left with only the useful portion of your sheet remaining to be stored while the waste material is discarded.

More time saving features

Many more time saving features Command&Cut contains many additional features designed to simplify operation and save time. Features like 1 click Flip, Mirror, Move, or Rotate for the profiles on your screen. Operation notes can be saved with each cut file to track customer information, consumables used, and all the setting used to cut the part for the job so the next time you open the file the speeds and other settings are already done for you. You can add lead in lines, change cut direction, change cut sequence, and eliminate parts of a design with a few simple clicks. All these features add up to make Command&Cut simple, easy, and extremely efficient. If you are interested in giving it a try just give us a call. We will provide you with Command&Cut and show you how to operate it before you choose to purchase anything so you can compare it to what our competition has to offer.